Goatskin Beekeeper Gloves with Extended Sleeves

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EU 2016/425
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  • Extremely durable with significant flexibility to match, these goat leather gloves are an essential beekeeping accessory that enables you undertake precision work while remaining fully protected.
  • Make the most of reinforced protection around your palms and fingertips with a double layer of leather. These premium gloves are specially designed for optimal safety during bee handling.
  • Thanks to the robust yet comfortable extended canvas sleeves, these gloves are the best way of shielding the full arm to give you complete peace of mind while tending to bees.
  • Offered in every size from XXS to XXXL, the unparalleled comfort and protection afforded by these Bees & Co gloves are the perfect fit for beekeepers of all ages, hand dimensions, and arm sizes.  
  • A combination of exceptional manufacturing and quality materials enables these goat leather gloves to easily withstand many years of wear. Rest assured that they’ll last as a result of the two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

For beginners and experts alike, there is no better option for beekeeping gloves than Bees & Co. The high-quality goat leather is extremely strong and resilient while still providing an incredible range of motion. Extra layers of leather surround the palm and fingertip areas, safeguarding you from the danger of bee stings as you tend to hives. At the same time, the suppleness of the material affords a significant degree of tactility and dexterity.

But protection doesn’t stop at your hands though. The long canvas sleeves also provide coverage for the entire arm. No need to worry about settling for gloves that aren’t a perfect fit either. That’s because Bees & Co offers gloves in every size from XXS to XXXL.

The brand has an unwavering commitment to delivering superior goods, and these gloves are no exception. Thanks to excellent craftsmanship and premium materials, you can rest in the knowledge that you’re getting a highly durable product. The goat leather and canvas will effortlessly endure years of frequent use and are very easy to clean.

What’s more, these gloves are also designed to make you feel as comfortable as you do safe while working with bees. The two-year manufacturer’s guarantee is an additional stamp of quality to give you confidence in the longevity of Bees & Co gloves.



2 years